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The Miracle Morning: summary

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##Two bad things that will prevent you from getting out of bed

  • Rearview Mirror Syndrome: We are defining ourselves by what we have done in the past. We connect who we are now with who we were. By doing so, we limit ourselves as we try to build on what we know and discard (or don’t seek out) completely new things.
  • Isolating incidents: We justify “not going out for a run” because it’s “just this once”. But not doing something now also has an effect on the person we’ll be in the future. That means the impact of not going for a run now is much greater than it first seemed. Once we understand this, we’re much less lenient for ourselves. “How you do anything is how you do everything”

##How to wake up feeling refreshed

  • In the evening, tell yourself you’re going to wake up refreshed even if you only have a couple of hours sleep.
  • Don’t snooze, just get up
  • First thing out of bed: brush your teeth. You will feel fresher.
  • As soon as you can: drink a full glas of water to rehydrate from breathing the whole night.

##6 morning habits

  • Have a moment of quietude and silence
  • Affirmation:
    • Articulate and write down your goals for all areas in life
    • Explain your motivations
    • What are you doing that will get you to your goals?
  • Visualise how your day will go perfectly. Imagine yourself laughing with your family, enjoying your work,…
  • Read for 10 minutes
  • Write for 5 mins
  • Exercise for 20 mins