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Managing Oneself: summary

Key insights of the book

What are my strengths?

When you make a key decision, write down the outcome you expect. Several months later, compare the actual outcome with the expected outcome. Try to find patterns in the difference as opportunities to improve. Focus on strengths, do not waste time cultivating skill areas where you have little competence.

How do I work?

Process information primarely by reading or by hearing it being discussed by others? Working with others or working alone? Making decisions or advising on decisions? Top performer when stressed, or best in structured organisation?

What are my values?

What are your important values for living a worthy life? Do your organisation’s ethics correspond? Otherwise frustration will be yours.

Where do I belong?

Consider strength, work style and values. Find organisation that is a perfect fit!

What can I contribute?

It is upon yourself to decide how you can best enhance your organisation. Ask what the situation required. Based on your strength, work style, values, how can you make the greatest contribution?