Stijn in Summary 1 minute

Designing your life (Dave Evans, Bill Burnett)

Below are the 5 mindsets the authors introduce to use to design your life. They struck a chord with me, so I put them here to ensure I would read them often.


  • Makes everything new, makes you try things.
  • Helps you to be one of those people that “knows how to get lucky”.

Bias to action

  • Try things.
  • Build your way forward.
  • Designers try many things, test often, until they find a solution.


  • Taking a step back, helps us get unstuck.
  • Makes sure we’re working on the right problem.


  • Know it’s a process, don’t have to be perfect every time/all the time.
  • Helps you let go of a good but not great solution.
  • Life is messy, but sometimes great things come out of the mess (sticky note,…)
  • It’s a journey, make sure we enjoy ourselves while we’re on the way.

Radical collaboration

  • Ask for help.
  • Best ideas often come from others.
  • When you reach ut to the world, the world reaches right back.